Triumphs and Defeats From the Lake Nona Girls Bowling Team

Mikela Ibrisimovic, Author

Victory was scored by the Lake Nona girls bowling team on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 against Colonial High School. Lake Nona girls bowling team winning pin total of 1657 compared to Colonial’s girls’ pin of 932.

Although, our girls bowling team had an unfortunate lost to East River and University, but this was with very close pin totals. East River’s pin total being 2082 and University’s pin total being the closest at 1701. There was a high game of 145 by Anna Dyer and a high series of 376 made by Estefania Da Silva Rodriguez. Our girl’s record for this game was 2:5. Surely Coach Lafayette will lead the girls bowling team into yet another win at their next match Tuesday, October 13th at 3PM against Winter Park, with more yet to come!