Girls Track Brian Jaeger Invitational


Justyn Smith (11)

Alexandra Acero, Writer

Girls Track had a meet Saturday, March 7 at the Showalter Field for the Brian Jaeger Invitational. Top performances were from Brianna Duplan, Sydni Brown, Justyn Smith, Maya Wilson, and Valerie Hoyos.


In the 100 hurdles finals, Senior Stephanie Towle placed 13 with the time mark of 19.72 and Tristian Huguenin placed 16 with a time mark of 20.18. Kaylah Wood also placed 23 with a time of 21.56. In the 300 hurdles, Freshman Olivia Planton placed 13 with the time of 54.87. In 16 place, Valerie Hoyos got a time of 56.58 and Kalyah Haywood placed 22 with a time of 59.70.


In the 4×100 relay finals, runners Arianna Slater, Sydni Brown, Justyn Smith, and Xiomara Gill placed 3 with a time of 50.89.  In 4 place, runners Olivia Planton, Maya Wilson, Valeria Pestana- Trasolini, and Mikaya Miranda got a time of 55.77. In the 4×400, Sydni Brown, Justyn Smith, Valeria Pestana- Trasolini, and Xiomara Gill placed 2 with a time of 4:12.28. In the last relay 4×800, with a time of 11:1959 runners Emily Thompson, Valerie Hoyos, Mariya Espada, and Lauren Armstrong placed 7.


In girl’s high jump, Senior Stephanie Towle placed 3 with a mark of 1.47cm. Another senior Neveah Henry placed 8 with a mark of 1.42cm. After, Junior Irmaire Santiago-Vazquez placed 18 with a mark of 1.32cm. Lastly in the girl’s triple jump, Stephanie Towle also had placed 7 with a mark of 9.36cm and Irmarie Santiago-Vazquez again placed 8 with a mark of 8.87cm.