Girls Track Metro East Conference


Lauren Armstrong (10)

Alexandra Acero, Writer

On Wednesday, February 26,  Freshman and Sophomore girl’s track had a meet at Boone High School. In almost every event, Lake Nona had placed above 10 place.


In the 100 meters first Arianna Slater placed 3 with the time of 13.54, then Valeria Pestana-Trasolini placed 8 with the time of 13.91, and after Vianney Ojeda placed 10 with the time of 14.01. In the 200 meters, Arianna Slater also placed 5 with a time of 28.49 and in 8 place Maya Wilson got a time of 29.37. In the 800 meters, Lauren Armstrong placed 9 with a time of 2:56.85, and in the 3200 meters in 4 place Jenna Drake got a time of 12:43.40.


In the 4×100 relay, Lake Nona placed 1 with runners Arianna Slater, Mikayla Miranda, Valeria Pestana-Trasolini, and Vianney Ojeda with a time of 52.51. Then in the 4×400 with a time of 4:38.15, runners Sydni Brown, Tyra Torres Zapata, Valeria Pestana-Trasolini, and Valerie Hoyos placed 4. Lake Nona also placed 4 again with the time of 11:55.52  in the 4×800 but with runners Lauren Armstrong, Jenna Drake, Noel Wiltz, and Maraiya Espada.

Shot Put and Discus 

For shot put in second place, Briawna Johnson marked 8.80m. In 5 place, Leah Hale marked 8.39m and in 16 place Sophie Seelmann marked 6,77m. In the discus, Leah Hale placed 2 with a mark of 25.66m. In 12 place Briawna Johnson marked 16.00m and behind her, Sophie Seelmann placed 13 with a mark of 15.04m.