Girls Track St.Cloud Invitational


Amanda DeSante (11)

Alexandra Acero, Writer

On February 22, girl’s track had their second meet at St.Cloud for the St.Cloud Invitational.


In the 100m Jexsamarie Perez placed 37 with a time of 14.06 and Mikayla Miranda placed 47 with a time of 14.53. In the 200m Xiomara Gill placed 6 with a time of 26.95. Justyn Smith placed 13 in the 400m with a time of 1:04.25.


In the 100 hurdles finals, Tristan Huguenin had a time of 20.84 placing her 25. Then Kaylah Haywood had a time of 21.63 placing her 29. Lastly, Amanda DeSante had a score of 22.4o placing her 34. In the 300 hurdles, Valerie Hoyos placed 26 with a time of 1:00.16 and Olivia Platon placed 33 with a time of 1:01.77.


In the 4×100 relays, Lake Nona placed 7 with the runners Valeria Pestana- Trasolini, Xiomara Gill, Zhanya Hudson, and Arianna Slater with the time of 52.53. In the 4×400 relay, Lake Nona placed 7 again with runners Valerie Hoyos, Xiomara Gill, Valeria Pestana- Trasolini, and Justyn Smith with the time of 4:20.56. The last relay 4×800, Lake Nona placed 14 with runners Valerie Hoyos, Lillian Nguyen, Noel Wiltz, and Emily Thompson with a time of 11:47.82.