Silent Night

ASL Holds Annual Silent Night to Encourage Students to Use Sign Language


Maria Rosales, Liannys Collazo, and Chijoke Oparaji participating in silent night

Nora Ibrahim

The ASL club held their annual “Silent Night” at Moe’s on November 15. All attendees are meant to stay silent the entire time and use that opportunity to practice singing with their peers. Having an event such as silent night encourages kids to practice using ASL in an enjoyable and amusing way. Participants across the board were communicating with each other and overall having a merriment time. Maria Rosales (10) said “Silent night brings a new and cool way of practicing ASL, I really enjoyed using ASL in an outside setting and getting to talk with my friends in a different way” We can expect Silent Night to make a reappearance next year and keep it’s unique and appealing experience.