Devastating Loss At Districts

Varsity Football loses the District Championship but still advances to playoffs.


Madilyn Destefano

Keeping the board in Lake Nona.

Madilyn Destefano, Varsity Football Reporter

For six years, Varsity Football played the Osceola Kowboys. But three years ago, the district changed and the two teams weren’t scheduled to play each other again until this year. Friday, October 25 at 7:30 p.m., the Lions play the Kowboys for the District Championship at Osceola High School. 

The week leading up to the game has been a stressful one for both the players and coaches. With Osceola’s record being 7-1 and Lake Nona’s being 6-2, there’s no telling what the outcome of the game will be. But there is one thing that’s for certain. If the Lions win, they advance to playoffs. 

“Not only does beating Osceola mean we win districts, but we automatically make it to playoffs, and the first round is a home game for us,” Garrett Davis (11) said. 

With the game quickly approaching, the Lions are spending practices preparing and coming up with new plays to work their way down the field. If they can get through the Kowboy’s massive defensive line, the team thinks they have a real shot at winning.

“The difference between us and Osceola is that we get the ball down the field by passing it while they do better running the ball,” Captain Joey Cochran (11) said. 

The hope was that with the new plays, they’d be able to both run and pass the ball to score points. They’re not only striving for the district championship win but the guaranteed spot in playoffs. 

Unfortunately, the Lions lost the game 35-17. Although they were scoring points, the Kowboys were getting the ball to the end zone almost twice as much.

“We didn’t execute the game plan to our fullest potential,” Brady Johnson (11) said. 

But there is good news. The team has one season game left against their rivals known as the “Battle of the Boards.” They will play the East River Falcons on Friday, November 1 at 7 p.m. Despite their loss to the Kowboys, the Lions advance to the 2019 FHSAA 8A Playoffs. On November 8 at 7:30 p.m., Varsity Football will take on the number one team, Riverview Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida.