Joker is a Mediocre Joke

Joaquin Phoenix is the new incarnation of the infamous character in the highest grossing rated R movie of all time.

Joker is a Mediocre Joke

Wesley Torres, Editor in Chief

Joker is the first standalone for the clown prince of crime outside of the main DC universe. Set in the 1970’s, it centers around Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill incel who wants to bring laughter and joy to a dark world. Gotham is in a state of emergency because of poor people apparently and the richest man in the city, Thomas Wayne, is running for mayor on the platform that protesters are clowns. 

Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover, directed this film. He does a solid job of ripping off classic Scorsese films like Taxi Driver and King of Comedy.

Joaquin Phoenix delivers a solid performance with terrible writing. Phoenix is one of the greatest actors alive and his transformation for this role is something to admire. It’s nowhere near his career best but he’ll get an Oscar nomination.

I couldn’t tell what the moral was supposed to be. Is Arthur the hero or is it condemning him? While movies can be open to interpretation, it’s not good when you can’t tell what the entire message is.

I despise when people claim movies are harmful or promote real life violence. It’s naive to think that a movie is to blame for horrific acts. But the problem with Joker is that it didn’t seem to know what it’s doing. This leads to all of the polarizing opinions and why some people view this as a masterpiece while others see it as dangerous. While I see the scene of Arthur dancing in the bathroom as trying to be too serious, someone else said it was hauntingly beautiful.

 A decently made movie with an absolute thin story and script leads to one of the most disappointing movies of the year. I miss Heath Ledger. This isn’t an insult to Joaquin, just a statement about a great actor that was taken from us too soon.

Rating: D+