I’m More Than Just a Color



Tionna Bernard

True Hatians stick together

Tionna Bernard


                                                                                   Velve – Beautiful 


Throughout Lake Nona high school many students have different cultures, several of the students are Haitian. Jemima Belidor (11th) and Hendy Garcon (12th) both have a love for their culture. Haiti has several great dishes, Bannann Fri Avec Picklez, and Diri Legume Avec Soupwa. You can easily make these dishes at home “ Diri legume avce soupwa is fried rice with a mixture of veggies with a sauteed gravy on top” Jemima and to make Bannann fri avec picklez “ Get a green plantain, that can be bought at WalMart but it’s better from the west side,  and cut down the middle and peel of the shell (the green part). Then you put lime over the plantain and fry it halfway. Once it’s halfway done flatten it out and fry it in saltwater.”Jemima 

     Haiti also have many dances that have been in their culture for a long time, for example, `Gouyad. If you want to learn how to Gouyad you would need to find a partner and you have to get really close to each other, “…It’s kinda like salsa” Hendy. If you know how to move your hips you’re are in great shape. Some of the music they dance to is Kompa…

         Jemima and Hendy parents are Haitian, Jemima’s “Dad was Haitian and french” while Hendrix “Mom is French and his dad is Haitian …… “ Both Jemima and Hendy grew up with both parents in their lives. Many Africans/African Ameican today grew up in a single home environment. “ Moriarty of people don’t fully commit to the relationship at a young age. It’s important to have both parents …. some stuff only my dad could teach.” Jemima. Growing up Haitian many are pushed into the religion of Christianity “I was raised upon it, as I got older I started to believe in God.” Jemima  “I’ve always believed in God” Hendrix. Typically  Haitian churches “ Are strict on dress wise, for girls” Jemima  “Guys would typically wear a dress shirt and some pants or jeans” Jemima 

Some well-known events and holidays in Haiti, are the ‘Haitian Flag Day’ (May 18th),  The First Black independent Haiti nation ( January 1, 1804), and carnivals. On the First Black Independent Haiti nation, they drink jamou (soup) all day and laugh with their friends and family. 


Both Jemima and Hendy plan on attending college, however only Jemima plans on attending an HBCU “Spellman, in Georgia because I love it” Jemima, on the other hand, Hendy doesn’t really plan on attending one “…Because they don’t really focus on my major.” Both Jemima and Hendy are aware that “Jobs tend to look down on HBUC but you get to learn more about black culture and connect together as a whole.” Jemima and Hendy. Most Haitians (not all) “want you to be in the medical field” Jemima although Jemima does OTC she “doesn’t feel forced to be in the medical field.”. 


Many Africans and African Americans have a special value to the way they look, one of the main things is hair. Girl or boy, light or dark, hair mean a lot to everybody of color. “My hair is my personality” Hendy. It’s hard for many African and African Americans to be in their natural state in a world that didn’t really accept ‘kinky and coily ’ hair. “ When you go to a predominately Hispanic school it’s hard to fill truly accepted …” Jemima and Hendy.  All you need to push past that wall is a littleBlack Girl Magic’  . If you don’t know what Black Girl Magic is it’s “ Where black girls of any shade feel confident in themselves.” Jemima. The smallest things can be considered Black Girl Magic, you may even do them in your everyday life.  “ A girl wearing her natural hair to school.” Jemima  

To learn more about black culture join AACC (African American culture club) 

*Meetings held on the second and fourth Monday of each month*