Injuries can’t stop the Lions


Lions help each other to be successful.

Dominik Prieto, Sports Writer

Boys lacrosse has found a way to push through and come up with some victories even with the multiple injuries that have occurred over the season, There have been a total of six injuries; three have been knee injuries, one a fractured finger, another was a concussion and the last one was a broken wrist.

Senior goalie Joseph Omar has used his fractured his finger as a teaching opportunity.

“It sucks to be injured during my last season but it also gives our young ones a better experience to show what they have.”

The underclassmen have been doing a great job on taking over the varsity spots that are left open. The team has come closer together with these four varsity players out.

Brady Ragsdale sees the potential in the upcoming freshmen “I was worried about next year but there is a lot of talent that I see in the upcoming freshmen.”

Not all hope is lost for some players. While some are not able to finish their senior season others look forward to next year.

“With this injury, I have been getting better with my left hand but next season I am going to come back stronger than the few games I played this year,” Gleen Knox said.

When one of our key players dislocated his knee everyone on the team knew someone had to step up and take his spot. Tyler Dyrlund knew he had a long road ahead of him “It feels like I need to work harder to feel like I earned it.

The team is looking good for the next couple of years especially with the upcoming freshmen, the team is in good hands.