Varsity Pitcher Overcomes Freshman Slump

After last season’s rocky start, sophomore Karen Vasquez makes a comeback

Avery Viancos, Sports Writer

Pitcher Karen Vasquez’s second softball season is off to a great start. Vasquez has pitched over 16 innings in nine games and has an ERA of 3.78. However, she has not always had this consistency and control. Her freshman season, Vasquez developed a pitching slump, which prohibited her from doing her best and took her out of the running as a pitcher.

“It started after the first week of softball season last year because I was super nervous. It was my freshman year and I thought I had something to prove,” Vasquez said.

With the responsibility to hit their spots and support their defense, pitchers have one of the most important roles on the field. This pressure can affect their mindset as well as their success on the field. Vasquez realized her sophomore season the role she plays and how to overcome these feelings.

“I’m way more confident this year than I was last year because I know what to expect.”

This confidence generated a stronger mindset as well as improved physical ability.

“I got out of my head. I started going to a pitching coach and fed myself positive thoughts.”

Her changes this season have been greatly beneficial to the team. Not only has she had more success, but the defense has an easier job of supporting her.

“Her confidence has increased the trust on our team. It has brought all of us together,” senior Logan Keith said.

Her new found confidence brings positivity and success to the team. Vasquez’s courage to push through and overcome her slump had been significant in achieving a winning record this season, and will hopefully lead the Lions to another district win.