Chris Coll is back again

Junior Chris Coll tells his story of recovery after suffering a spinal fracture.


Wesley Torres, Writer

Junior, pitcher, Chris Coll has been on the varsity baseball team, since his freshman year. He pitched a no hitter against Jones High School in his first varsity game. He’s the ace they need to start to win games. But in November, Chris found out he might not be able to play most of his junior season.

“Over summer I was pitching in a tournament and inflamed my back. I didn’t think it was anything so kept exercising until I went to go check on it in November. They said I had a hairline fracture in my lower spine.”

. The spinal fracture was worse however because of all the strain he put on it. Chris stopped pitching before that but this meant he couldn’t do any physical activity at all and needed bed rest.

“The doctor said it would probably take about four months to heal and that I needed to stop exercising which was hard for me because I’m just a naturally athletic guy.”

Most of December he was laying in bed with his back brace on, yearning to get back on that field. Every baseball player hates being on injury reserve and being on it for months definitely frustrated Chris.

“I hated the thought that I couldn’t play with my team next season. It’s the best feeling in the world, being out there with the boys.”

This went on until January when Chris went in for x-rays on his back. Surprisingly, a miracle happened. The doctor said his lumbar reconnected and he was able to do physical activity as long as he had on his brace. He joked about how he thinks it healed so quickly.

“I wasn’t too surprised. With my genetics it makes sense it healed in about a month.”

Chris went on to pitch the Lions season opener against Cornerstone High School and got the win, allowing only three runs.

“It was awesome man. Being out there with the team getting wins, still the best feeling in the world.”